Site Shifts

Do you have a site that you want to subdivide, or want more room for renovations? Then a site shift is the perfect option for you. Here at EasyMoves we are building removal specialists and have all the gear and knowledge necessary to navigate and move your house around tight spots.

SiteShifts are a process where a house is moved on site. This does not include any movement on the road therefore does not need an over dimension permit, and work can take place during the day.We have always believed that Site shifts can often be more difficult than a move on the road due to the sizes of the sections in auckland and obstacles, including trees, wires, other houses, and other work happening on site (blockwork, basements, etc.).

Site shifts benefit people who are looking at subdividing their land, but don’t want to demolish and build a new home. A common option with Auckland homes is to move a house from the middle of the section to the back, giving room to subdivide or build a new house on the front of the section.

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