Pre-Built Building Removals

With house prices being so high and on-site build times being so inconsistent the Pre-Built house market is on a rise. Pe-Built houses are traveling right across the country and Businesses are battling to have their competitive edge, with architecturally designed box’s that bring the same presence as large on-site builds. This Means a wide range of cladding and roofing materials that aren’t always the best for a building that has the task of navigating New Zealand Roads.

That’s why it is important you choose professionals that take pride in their job and take the upmost care of your Brand New home. We identified this early on and are constantly adjusting our techniques and the equipment we use to ensure we do the best job we can.

Although Second hand house moving is our core business we are moving over 50 pre-built houses a year and will continue to ensure we provide the best possible services to this market. For more information regarding Pre-Built houses you can have a look at our blog page or look online using keywords such as; pre built house, new transportable homes, Prefab homes, modular homes.

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