House Moving

Need a cost effective option to building from scratch? Or have a house that is surplus that you can turn into an investment? Then a Move is the option for you!

House moving is a drivers’ dream and is a lot of owner’s chance to make it their own and cut down costs. While we make it look easy, it is a tricky business.

Almost every house can be moved, it is just a matter of how much work is involved. Its is very common for houses to be cut in half and have the roofs dropped. This is to make the house a suitable size for the road it needs to travel down. Some larger houses may need to be cut into 3-6 pieces depending on the size. Multi level houses are able to be moved with the use of a crane, during both processes a lot of temporary bracing is used to keep the building strong.

Most houses (or house Pieces) being transported around Auckland and the upper North Island range from 4-10m Wide and 8-22m Long. this obviously varies depending on the route (houses have been moved in much larger dimensions if the route allows).

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