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Established in 2003 by Troy and Vanessa Etting, EasyMoves has earned a reputation as leaders in the house moving industry.

We eagerly take on tricky jobs and sites. Using up-to-date modern house moving practices and equipment, we can execute jobs quickly using our hands-on approach. Rest assured as we are members of the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association of NZ as well as Site Safe NZ.

EasyMoves was born and bred in the West with our yard situated in Glen Eden on West Coast Rd allowing easy access to all of Auckland.

A big part of our EasyMoves family is supporting the community, whether it be through charities or sports we actively help through sponsorship and volunteering. This is because we believe the greatest reputation can be built through things you do outside of business, it comes from the little things that people don’t expect you to do. We place an expectation on ourselves to go the extra mile.

We also believe house moving is a sustainable industry and strive to keep it that way.

The reusing of houses is something that was originally used as a quicker and cheaper alternative to building new. While that is still the case, more and more buyers look at house moving as a way to salvage history and to lower their carbon footprint. By saving houses from a wrecking ball we are decreasing waste and material production for new houses.

Key Services and Skills

Over 30 years experience

Dedicated Staff

NZ Owned and Operated

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The Team

Vanessa Etting

Administration Manager and Owner

Stephen Withers

Sales Manager

Troy Etting

Managing Director and Owner

Greg Wylie

Supervisor and Operations

Aaron Kira


Rob Maxwell


Our Gear

When it comes to house moving in New Zealand, EasyMoves, has up-to-date technology and equipment.

Trust in the rigs used is essential, so EasyMoves Supervisor Greg Wylie, Foreman Aaron Kira, and Mechanic Keith Wilson, ensure our trucks are up to date with their servicing, annual maintenance, and improved with new technologies.

The current EasyMoves Fleet consists of four rigs: EzyDog, 2Ezy, EzyOne and BigEzi.

EasyMoves EzyDog


Our 2022 Mack Superliner with 685hp and 130 tonne GVM and built in splicer box, EzyDog is built tough. 

EzyDog comes kitted with a MTE Push/ Pull ram, King Bars bull bar and 13r’s.

This truck is the second incarnation of EzyDog. The first was built in 2019 as part of the 100 year anniversary for Mack trucks in Australia. It was EasyMoves’ first brand new tractor unit, and was retired after 2 years operating due to a faulty front axle and a low range gear box.

EzyDog version 1 is now running with a lower rated front axle and no low range box in the lower North Island under Clive Taylors impressive fleet of mack trucks.

The new EzyDog is paired with our latest addition to the team, a 2002 MTE 3 axle command steer trailer.

This trailer has had a complete rebuild with the latest stage hydraulics and electronics all fitted by MTE.

The trailer comes with an extra axle ‘Clip-On’ which makes it 4-axles—most of the time you will see it on those big moves as a 4-axle trailer.

EzyDog is driven by our Foreman Aaron. You’ll see his personal touches to the truck on his stoneguard, but don’t stand too close as the bulldog on the bonnet has some tricks up it’s sleeve!


2Ezy is the newest prime mover addition to the EasyMoves Team.

It’s a 2022 model spec’d the same as EzyDog, with a new technology splicer—or low range gears—fitted into the transmission instead of behind it.

This is great technology for servicing, reliability and keeping our prime movers short for getting into those tight sites.

2Ezy runs our 2016 3 axle house trailer.


Troys unit, EzyOne, and is built for comfort.

A 2016 Mack Superliner, EzyOne started it’s life as EDSDOG. It was an owner-driven line haul truck towing a B-Train from Auckland to Wellington, 2 trips a day, week in and week out.

EasyMoves bought the truck in 2020 and over six months gave it a new lease of life.

It got a fresh paint job from the roof down to the axles, along with a state-of-the-art, push-pull ram system installed by Modern Transport Engineers to match our two other superliners.

EzyOne is driven by EasyMove’s Managing Director and Owner, Troy’s and is often paired with our older trailer, the tried and tested TRT 3 axle trailer.

This is the first house moving trailer Troy bought coming from Smiths Cranes 15 years ago.

The trailer features a lot in our archives and has been the backbone of the company along with BigEzi.

When not hauling houses EzyOne can be seen hauling the teams two race trucks up and down the country and is a very impressive truck to spot on the road in both instances.

Easymoves BigEzy


BigEzi is our old reliable, a 1993 western star 6964 that Troy bought out of the forestry industry. 

It had the full Monty done on it back in 2010, and had been the EasyMoves go-to truck until 2019 when we started buying new and late model Mack superliners.

BigEzi is still the backbone of EasyMoves and is always ready to come to aid when required, whether it be a breakdown or a really tough job.

With BigEzi running a 1850mm push-pull ram along and a gcm of 140t this truck is still a very valuable part of the team.

Ultimately we want to restore it and retire it, rewarding it for the hard work performed as an integral part of building EasyMoves.

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